Last modified: 11/03/19

  • Lohman Stables Welcome The Martin Family Lohman Stables recently welcomed Piper and Kirsten Martin, and their horses Austin, Jeti and Eubie to the barn. It’s been a pleasure having them!

    Piper Martin on Andiamo

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  • Welcome Lamberts! Lohman Stables welcomes Kelsey Lambert with Good Boy, and her mother Janet Lambert with Chestertown to the barn! We look forward to cheering for them ringside!

    Janet Lambert with Chestertown


    Kelsey Lambert and Good Boy

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  • We’ll miss you Marshmallow! A huge congratulations to Alyssa Moyer on the purchase of Alan Lohman’s Marshmallow! We are so excited to have “Melo” heading to Woodberry Farm to be under the care and training of Chris Gemmell. Best of luck to Alyssa and Melo!

    Katie McCoy and Marshmallow

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  • Welcome Simon!! Lohman Stables congratulates Kristin Silon on the purchase of Cantona from Randy Johnson and Greener Pastures! “Simon” is excited to start his new career as a hunter. Thank you to Ginny Edwards for her assistance in bringing this team together!

    Kristin and Simon

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  • Congratulations Alex! Congratulations to Alex Finder on the purchase of Cayado from Mary Ann Reynolds. We look forward to cheering on Alex and Cayado for many years to come. They are already off to a strong partnership!

    Alex and Cayado – Lexington Spring Encore 2019

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  • Best of luck Samantha Karp and Confession! Congratulations to The Karp Family on the lease of Sallie Mendel’s Confession (also known as Babalou)! We wish Samantha Karp the best of luck with Babalou in the show ring this year. Thank you to Marianne Roth for bringing this partnership together. 

    Kristin Silon and Confession – WEF 2019

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  • Welcome Taylor! Lohman Stables welcomes Taylor Mitchell and her lovely gelding Carero to the barn! We look forward to cheering on Taylor and Rare in the Large Junior Hunters and National Derbies this year!

    Taylor Mitchell and Carero

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  • Welcome Carrot!! We are so excited to welcome the wonderful Cantaro M to Lohman Stables! Congratulations to Courtney Salkeld on the lease of Carrot. We can’t wait to be there for all the fun Courtney will have with this great horse! Thank you to Troy Hendricks and Kimberview Stables for making this partnership possible! Continue reading →
  • Welcome Player! Congratulations to Allison Kaplan on the lease of Coldplay from The Wheeler Family! We are enjoying seeing Allison and Player already raking in the tri-colors in the Children’s Hunters.  Continue reading →
  • We’ll miss you Lucky! Congratulations to the Golpira Family on the purchase of Lucky Penny. Lucky was a fixture at Lohman Stables for a long time, and we will truly miss him. We look forward to cheering on Charlotte and Lucky, and we’re thrilled that Lucky is with our friends at Breckenridge Manor! Continue reading →